Allianz Supplemental Health Insurance

Allianz Supplemental Health Insurance covers all co-payment costs of basic health insurance with the possibility of arranging coverage for the B medication list.

It covers:

  • Coverage of all co-payment costs of mandatory health insurance:

          - second medical opinion

          - costs of treatment and surgeries abroad by international experts recommendation

          - costs of transportation and accommodation of the policyholder

          - compensation for hospital stay, EUR 100 per day

          - costs of medicine (after a surgery or treatment) up to EUR 50,000

          - repatriation costs in case of death during treatment  

  • Additional coverage:

          - daily compensation for hospital stays
          - home care.


  1. The possibility of arranging co-payment coverage for the B medication list (max. two original packages of each medication from the list in an insurance year)
  2. The possibility of additional protection through arrangement of one or both additional coverages
  3. Digital card as a means of payment on your smartphone (regardless of network availability)
  4. Arrange it on your own using m-zaba

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