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Complementary Health Insurance

Arrange Allianz Complementary Health Insurance and get 15% off

Be insured and get 15% off in the first year of insurance. Use this unique opportunity only until 19 November by visiting  your banker, or use m-zaba.

Allianz Complementary Health Insurance Package A covers all co-payment costs of basic health Insurance, while Package A + B, in addition to Package A coverage, includes the co-payment costs for medication in the additional (B) list of medication. Additionally, Allianz Complementary Health Insurance offers other benefits:

 Card as a means of payment - simply show your digital card, and Allianz will cover your co-payment costs
• Refund - we will refund one annual payment if you have not received a co-payment refund in 5 years
Extended Package (B medication list included) - starting from HRK 55.25 a month

How much will your complementary health insurance cost per month if you arrange it by 19 November?

  • If you are 18-40 years old
    - Package A: HRK 38.25 (regular price HRK 45)
    - Package A+B: HRK 55.25 (regular price HRK 65)
  • If you are 41-60 years old
    - Package A: HRK 55.25 (regular price HRK 65)
    - Package A+B: HRK 80.75 (regular price HRK 95)

Promotional prices apply to the first insurance year, after which the standard price list for complementary health insurance is applied, i.e. regular prices.

Package A+B covers max. two original packages of each medication in an insurance year.

How much are the co-payment costs?
• Visiting a GP, dentist, gynaecologist or getting a drug prescription - HRK 10
• A specialist exam or an hour of physiotherapy - min. HRK 25
• A day of hospital stay - min. HRK 100 per day of hospital treatment
• Appendectomy - HRK 800 - 2,000
• Cholecystectomy  - HRK 1,300 - 2,000
• MRI - from HRK 130 to average of 200

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