Special measures to support business clients

affected by the coronavirus pandemic

The health and well-being of our employees and customers is Zagrebačka bank’s top priority. Zagrebačka banka has prepared a comprehensive set of measures for business clients who are still experiencing financial consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. We want to continue to help and support you during the coming period, and we invite you to contact the Bank Relationship Manager so we can choose the most appropriate support measure together.

What special measures are we offering?
Credit lines for liquidity in cooperation with competent state agencies and development banks accompanied by grant schemes and other risk coverage.

Who can apply?
New liquidity
Zagrebačka banka’s clients that meet the following criteria (cumulative):
– Legal entities registered in the Republic of Croatia
- registered for the measure via FINA (exception for Clients that are not supported via FINA
– e.g. business professionals and companies with non-resident legal representatives), and
– signed a New Liquidity loan request, which also contains a self-declaration that they have been impacted by COVID-19.
Clients who do not meet all these criteria but are interested in discussing options for regulating their obligations towards the Bank, can contact their Relationship Manager/Banker to discuss the matter further.

How to apply?
New liquidity loans
Applying for the measure:
- Via webpages of the Financial Agency (FINA) select Zagrebačka banka as the credit institution in charge of processing your request.
- After that, submit the documentation to Zagrebačka banka, including the Request for approval of NEW LIQUIDITY loan, to the Bank Relationship Manager/Banker.
Based on the received Request for approval of NEW LIQUIDITY loan, client’s Relationship Manager/Banker will provide the client with a list of documents required for Bank’s evaluation. During the evaluation process, the Bank may request additional documentation from individual clients.

What is the process for submitting requests for above-mentioned measures?
Requests will be processed in the shortest possible period and clients will be informed accordingly about the decision. The Bank does not take any commitment to its clients or any other third parties with this notice. The Bank maintains its right to take individual decisions about each request that has been submitted.
The Bank expects that all clients whose business is not affected by coronavirus crisis will continue to regularly settle their obligations.

Zagrebačka banka will always endeavor to act in everyone's best interests and do the right thing vis a vis all its stakeholders