Property insurances

Property insurances are one of the oldest forms of insurance. Their primary purpose is to protect the policyholder's property from the hazards to which it may be exposed.   

Using property insurance you can insure everything you love, and you can create your own package:

  • Dom+ for everything in your home
  • Kuća+ from foundations to the roof, for all parts of the house, equipment and associated facilities
  • Stan+ for external and internal insurance of the construction part of a building
  • Apartman+ insurance for vacation apartments against primary and other hazards, with insurance of things and persons in the apartment
  • Allianz Šapa insurance for dogs and cats, with or without pedigree, which can be arranged as a part of private property insurance policy Dom+ or Kuća+.

By arranging a particular type of property insurance, you will be protected against damage due to a burglary, as well as costs incurred in relation to the burglary. The same policy can cover members of your household or guests in a vacation apartment.
Furthermore, you can create your insurance package yourself.

Arrange the insurance through m-zaba or here.


  1. The possibility of arrangement through m-zaba mobile banking
    Pay immediately through m-zaba or with credit cards, and the policy arrives to your e-mail or home address
  2. The possibility of creating your own insurance package
    Create a package which fits your habits and living space
  3. Arrangement discount
    You will get discounts if you arrange several insurance policies at once, if you have a loan in the Bank or if you are a user of one of Lepeza Packages
  4. Affordable price with a large number of insured risks and costs
  5. Quick payment of damages with real insured amounts
  6. New value-based insurance based on the principle "new for old"

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