Cash loan

Getting cash is faster, easier and more affordable than ever.


bank no.1 in Croatia*

  • Fixed interest rate during the whole repayment period
  • In just a few clicks through m-loan in online banking (m-zaba)
  • Without the notary public costs for loans up to EUR 13,300

A representative cash loan example:

At a fixed interest rate of 5.99% a year, a repayment term of 84 months, the current account administration fee (denominated in euro) for one month included, no loan processing charges and repayment in annuities, the effective interest rate for a EUR 10,000 loan is 6.16%, the monthly annuity is EUR 146.05, and the total amount payable by the client is EUR 12,318.35.
The interest rate applies to repayment periods longer than 60 months.

Additional information about the cash loan and loan calculator is available here.

Additional information about the m-loan is available here.

*Zagrebačka banka is the largest bank in the Republic of Croatia.