The e-Račun (e-Invoice) service is intended for companies, large, medium and small enterprises as well as e-zaba users, and enables the management of the entire business process of issuing, receiving and archiving invoices.
e-Račun is an online service integrated with e-zaba business banking that enables simple electronic exchange of invoices that you pay via e-zaba. 
Electronic invoices are identical to paper invoices, and you can attach them to various documents such as cover letters, contracts, forms and other documents which you attach to your paper invoice.
You can send e-Račun only to those companies and entrepreneurs who have arranged that service. The e-Račun service User Registry can be downloaded here.

e-Račun is a practical solution for everyday business.


  1. Simpler and faster business operations
  2. Arranging the service with only one service provider
  3. Possibility of lower costs of delivery and processing of invoices
  4. Better control of issued and received invoices with a secure archive
  5. Possibility of attaching accompanying documents to the invoice
  6. Possibility of automation of business by linking the clients accounting system with the e-Račun system
  7. Environmentally friendly

Additional information and assistance:
01 3789 100; 0800 5678


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