EU funds

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EU grants

The European Union provides different types of funding for investment projects. Projects can be financed through grants or financial instruments.
Grants for the preparation and implementation of project proposals are awarded via a call for proposals/tender. Eligibility of applicants, activities and costs are strictly defined, as well as the amount of co-financing (percentage).
For information about the available calls for proposals, please contact our team of EU specialists in Zagrebačka banka and you will be provided with all relevant information about the financing options available for your projects.
You will find more details about EU tenders at the following links:

  1. European structural and investment funds
  2. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan
  3. EU Funds
  4. Rural development
  5. Aquaculture

Financial instruments

Unlike grant funding, financial instruments include measures of financial support in the form of investments loans, guarantees, equity and other risk-sharing mechanisms, possibly combined with technical support, interest rate subsidies and guarantee fee subsidies.
Financial instruments facilitate access to finance for investment projects facing market barriers when trying to qualify for a loan, and which have a multiplier effect – the initial investment stimulates other investments and the economy, while mobilizing small amounts of public funds.

Zagrebačka banka offers a range of products and services needed by applicants interested in EU funding:

  1. loans for interim financing and co-financing of projects eligible to receive non-refundable grants
  2. letters of intent that meet the requirements of implementing authorities
  3. performance guarantees, bid/tender guarantees, advance payment guarantees, warranty guarantees, retention money guarantees
  4. transaction accounts needed for EU project implementation, mandatory statements, proofs of payment, bank statements, etc.
  5. a wide range of loan and guarantee products intended for stimulating economic development through special financing programs, in cooperation with HBOR, HAMAG-BICRO, EIB, EIF, and other institutions (more information available at link)
  6. consultancy on EU funding and structuring project finance.

Your project is in safe hands with the support of our:

  1. experienced team of experts with extensive experience in providing information and keeping up-to-date with EU funds and financial instruments with EU participation
  2. experts in EU law, state aid and EU financial instruments
  3. network of highly competent banking professionals who have been involved in implementing many EU projects.

Find the ideal source of co-financing for your projects

Fill out a simple questionnaire.

Try to describe your activity, your planned investment and the current stage of your project in detail. That will enable us to provide you with a precise feedback.

With just one click, send the questionnaire to Zaba’s expert team.

We will analyse the information from your questionnaire in detail, and contact you as soon as possible.

Feedback is on its way to your mailbox.

We will consider all options from EU sources, both financial instruments and grants, and direct you to further steps in finding the optimal financing structure.

Fill out a short questionnaire about the investment

Enter your information, prepare additional questions, and you will receive a call from us shortly!

Zagrebačka banka d.d. (the Bank) processes the personal data entered in the form below for the following purposes:
• preparation of a preliminary investment eligibility assessment for EU funding, for which you have expressed interest by filling out this questionnaire, and
• contacting to provide feedback on previously expressed interest.
The Bank will keep the data given to the Bank for the above purposes for 30 days. After data entry, if we determine that there are no active or acceptable EU funding programmes available for the data subject, and in that case, the data subject expressed the wish at the time of data entry to be contacted when new or acceptable EU funding programmes become available, the Bank will keep the personal data entered into the form for one year.
For more details, please read the Information on personal data processing
The information marked with * is required to proceed with your request for the above purposes.

I agree that my personal data will be kept for more than 30 days, but no more than one year from the day when I expressed interest for EU funding by filling out this questionnaire, for the purpose of being contacted in the future if appropriate EU funding programmes are available within the specified period (including but not limited to: an announcement or publication of an EU tender) for which I have expressed interest.*

Name of the company *

Company's OIB *

Your contact information

Primary activity of the business entity *

Number of employees*

Number of employees at the level of the group of connected clients*

Describe your planned investment:

Are you planning an investment in the territory of the Republic of Croatia?

The activity of the planned investment

A summarised description of the investment and structure (construction work, equipment procurement, software procurement, training, working capital...)

State the estimated investment value (in EUR):

What percentage of the investment are you planning to finance with your own funds (state the percentage or the amount in EUR)?

Has the investment implementation already started?

Have EU grants already been approved for the listed project?

How much income (in percentage) do you generate from export?

Do you need support for financing your working capital?

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