Transfer to Zaba

It is now easier than ever to transfer to Zaba! You can open an account and use
the same account overdraft as in your current bank,
but also the Product package and m-zaba for three months free of charge.



Why become a client of Zaba?


There are many reasons why it is great to be Zaba's client. Choose Zaba as your reliable partner because new beginnings are easier with:

  • a network of more than 800 ATMs
  • kind bankers in branches
  • free switching of your account, standing orders and income from other banks to Zaba
  • overdraft in the amounts approved in your current bank
  • 3 months of the Product package and m-zaba free of charge

How to become a client of Zaba?


Fill out the form for account switching and our banker will contact you as soon as possible in order to arrange a meeting.


Please bring the following to the meeting in the branch:

  • cards issued by the other bank (if you have any) or a confirmation of your account in the other bank
  • ID card and OIB certificate

To find out more about what we will do while you sit back and relax, please read the Customer Information.

Frequently asked questions