Investment advisory service
ZABA Smart Invest

Reach your goal with our investment advisory service

Answer a few questions and tell us what is important to you; how much do you want to invest and for how long.
Based on that, the Bank will make a custom recommendation investment advice for you! Currently, this is free of charge!
In addition to investment advice, you will learn about your risk profile and acceptable investment risk.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

You can reach big goals with small regular monthly payments. The sooner you start, the better.
Plan ahead - make your investment plan!

You already have some savings?

We will listen to your wishes and recommend how to divide your assets.
We will also actively support you in managing your personal finances.

How to start investing?


How much do I want to invest?

Whether you have savings or you want to invest a part of your salary, think ahead and define the investment amount depending on your goal.


For how long?

Define how long you want to invest to reach your goal. For example, your goal may be educating your children / grandchildren, journey of a lifetime, a car, a trip to the World Cup, savings for contingencies, etc.


How will I accomplish that?

It’s quick and simple! Arrange a meeting in the nearest branch and we will create custom investment advice based on your wishes.