A better future for your child

We want to ensure a quality future for our children, dont we? We can do that in several ways: by putting money on the side, investing into education, or taking care of their health.

1. Savings
You can start building childrens financially more secure future as soon as the day they are born. There is Pčelica, childrens savings which can be an excellent present for children.

2. Education
If you want your child to experience different education systems and get to know different cultures, be sure to consider the exchange programme in upper secondary school. Also, Croatian membership in the European Union has opened the door for young people to higher education in 27 countries.
Steps to be taken in order to enable children to broaden their horizons are not complicated, but they require substantial financial resources, so they cannot be accomplished overnight. To reach them, you need to choose the form of savings that suits your purpose best or to waive a portion of your current income.
If you are thinking about your savings as a long-term investment into the education of your children, consider investing in one of the funds.
For example, suppose you choose to invest into the ZB Future 2030 Fund because you still have 15 years before your children go away to pursue education. Today, the Fund's assets are divided so that 80% of assets is invested in equity markets and 20% in bond markets. With a more progressive initial investment, you are increasing the opportunities for higher yields, and as the Fund gets closer to its term, the investments become more conservative. The portfolio of the Fund changes in such a way that the share of stocks falls, while the share of investments in bond and money markets grows, thus protecting your assets.

3. Health
We all want our children to be safe and carefree. Tigar Teo are supplementary children insurances and provide financial security and assistance in case of minor or major casualties and illnesses. Tigar Teo can be arranged as supplemental insurance for Allianz Prospekt with regular premium payment only.
Tigar Teo has three packages of supplemental insurance:

  • Brzi Teo - offers compensation for bone fractures and hospital treatment,
  • Snažni Teo - in addition to everything that that includes Brzi Teo also offers a compensation for home care,
  • Hrabri Teo - in addition to all the above, also provides a compensation in the event of a serious illness.

4. High school graduation trip
High school graduation trip is an experience every high school student looks forward to. A careful choice of the travel agency, cost planning and accident insurance are just some of the elements enabling your teenager to have an unforgettable time. Consult with us on the options of their arrangement, and you can also read some of our advice here.

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