Allianz Prospekt with regular premium payment

Allianz Prospekt with regular premium payment is a life insurance linked to investment into a basket of different investment funds with coverage in case of death of the insured. That gives you, the policyholder, the possibility of protecting your family in the event of the worst-case scenario, but also the possibility of return when you opt for cash value.

If you choose your child to be the insurance beneficiary, this policy provides protection during growing up and can be an excellent starting point for his or her education and becoming independent.

Depending on your expectations and the level of risk you are willing to take, when arranging insurance you can choose one of the three baskets of investment funds that determine the investment strategy, and whose return defines the cash amount when you surrender your policy: Active, Balance and Classic.


  1. Optimal combination of insurance and investment
    Guaranteed coverage in the event of death of the insured which increases manifold in case of death due to an accident or a car accident
  2. Flexibility
    Choose among different investment strategies with the possibility of:
    -change of the investment basket during the insurance period once a year for free, or for EUR 5 for each additional change in the same policy year
    -subsequent arrangement of additional insurance coverage
    -cancelling your policy at the time which suits you best, but after expiry of the second year of insurance
  3. The possibility of arranging unique supplemental coverage
    If you wish to get additional protection, choose supplemental accident insurance, supplemental insurance in the event of serious diseases, Allianz NutriFit supplemental insurance and for the protection of the youngest memebers of your family you can choose Tigar Teo additional coverage 

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