Read our advice on owning and renting properties below.

1. Buying a property
Buying a property is a step that we usually take only once in a lifetime. Therefore, a good preparation guarantees success and satisfaction.  
Consider the following: in which neighbourhood you see yourself in the future, what are the main characteristics of the property you want to buy (number of rooms, the orientation of the property, floor, energy class, etc.), and how much money you will be able to set aside for a property. It is important to get information on tax liabilities and possible tax reliefs, as well as on legal aspects of the sales contract.
If you want to make sure that a property is legally and otherwise inspected, and if you are unable to explore the market on your own, you can hire a real estate agency. Inform the agent about your wishes and ideas in detail, but remain open to solutions that are not entirely in line with what you imagined. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised!
In addition, our financial solutions will make the entire process easier for you. Enter some basic information and we will suggest several ways of financing.

2. Adaptation
From the start you have a vision about how amazing this cramped dilapidated house could actually look and you know that it would be worth engaging in renovation works  because something like this you could not find anywhere else, let alone in such a good location... This is your home and you want to stay in it, but it could use a good facelift (and more than that), and you may also need an extra room or a better layout...
You can get all this by using Zagrebačka banka home loans because they are aimed at all your wishes, needs and plans.
You can choose and customize everything according to your objective capacities  choose a home loan  in HRK or with a currency clause in EUR, think about whether you prefer repayment in equal monthly annuities over annuities that are higher at first, and reduce over the repayment period, while you save significant funds on the total interest you pay. 
If you are expanding a structure that is already constructed or constructing an annex, a home loan for the construction of an annex is granted. 
When a structure is partially built, to a certain degree of completion, a loan for completion will bring it to completion.

3. Taking care of home and savings
Did you know that approximately 40% of the worlds total energy is spent on heating and cooling of residential and business facilities? It is precisely this sector where the biggest improvements are possible in terms of energy efficiency, which has led to the development of technologies that can achieve excellent results in the construction industry nowadays. Today it is possible to reduce energy consumption at home even by 60 percent by replacing joinery, building a thermal façade, installing an adequate heating system, truss or solar collectors.

You should also bear in mind that with a 10% to 20% higher investment you can achieve a low-energy or even passive construction standard.
Savings are achieved by taking care of the maintenance of your home. With home accident insurance you reduce costs at the moment when an adverse event happens. Zaba and Allianz offer several solutions
Zaba users of Lepeza Packages have access to Servis Centar which, among other things, provides emergency plumber, locksmith, glazier and electrician services.

Zagrebačka banka will process the personal data entered in the form below for the purpose of arranging a meeting in one of its branches and will keep them for 30 days. If you are a client of Zagrebačka banka, we suggest that you enter your OIB, so the banker could prepare the best financial offers based on the available data.
Read more in the Information on Personal Data Processing.

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