Investment in the future

In order to ensure financial stability for yourself and your loved ones, and thus protect your own standard of living, it is necessary for you to plan and invest wisely.

1. Life insurances
Did you know that every year more and more of the Croatian population decide to invest into life insurance in order to protect their own future and their family's future in a timely manner? Life is unpredictable.

Arranging life insurance represents a long-term solution that offers a combination of secure savings and protection, and it is designed precisely to accommodate your life needs, desires and expectations. This way you are saving, and at the same time ensuring you and your loved ones a financial support in all adverse situations, even in the worst one of all, for the entire duration of insurance. In addition, a life insurance policy can be used as a security instrument for a bank loan.
 When arranging life insurance, take the following several factors into account:                 

  • analyse your current standard of living and think about what kind of standard you would like to have in the future;
  • analyse your financial needs: write down your current and future financial obligations (e.g. loans, education of children, etc.), and subtract the expected future income (e.g. salary, savings, etc.) from that amount. The amount you get is the amount you should insure;
  • insurance is a long-term commitment and it is advisable to analyse your possibilities, but also your financial needs;
  • you should start as soon as possible, even with smaller payments, and save continuously.

2. Voluntary pension funds
Voluntary pension savings or the so-called third pillar of pension insurance gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for your own pension income and standard in your golden years.
By investing in voluntary pension savings, you are entitled to an additional pension from the third pillar (in addition to pension from the first and second pillars if you are in the system of compulsory pension insurance), and the state encourages all citizens residing in the Republic of Croatia to further save for their retirement by giving them government incentives and approving tax reliefs. Through government incentives, the state stimulates investment in voluntary pension savings with an additional 15% to the amounts paid in one calendar year and only one voluntary pension fund, up to a total amount of HRK 5,000 paid annually. This means that it is possible to increase the amount on your account by HRK 750 of government incentives a year!
Voluntary pension savings is the only financial product on the Croatian market which brings three advantages from investment: tax reliefs, government incentives and the funds yield! Paying voluntary pension savings is a tax relief for employers. The same tax treatment in relation to these payments applies to taxpayers performing independent services (artists, sole proprietors, etc.), if they pay voluntary pension savings for their workers or for themselves.

3. Term savings
One of the proven and effective ways of planning and controlling your finances is certainly the paper and pencil method. Try writing down how and what you spend your money on, do you invest and, if so, in what? Do you still have some money left on the side at the end of the month and what do you do with it? Finally, are you satisfied with your financial situation and what can you do to make it better? Let us stick to the optimistic rule that things can always be better!
Even if you do not have a significant financial surplus or maybe you do not even have any excess money whatsoever, with self-control, reducing unnecessary spending and allocating even smaller amounts of money on the side, you can realize significant savings in the long run. If you direct a part of that amount in some form of savings or investments, you can expect an additional increase of your assets in the future.

In any case, it is essential to get informed timely and thoroughly, and choose the product that suits you best according to all its characteristics.

4. Investment funds
At least once in your life you must have heard comments like: Investing, stocks, bonds? That is for the rich. I have no idea what investment funds are and what they invest in. That is extremely complicated. Stocks? You can only lose your money that way. Many people wonder Why invest? Let your money work for you. If you deposit your money, you are earning the interest. If you buy stocks of a company paying dividends, you earn the dividend, and if the price of the stock rises, you earn the difference in the price as well. If you make long-term investments in capital markets, you can take over a slightly higher level of risk and invest in, for example, stocks or equity funds. Their prices will rise and fall during investments, but in a longer period such investments can earn, on average, more than deposits. 
Investment funds are an ideal solution for all those who do not wish to spend most of their time exploring markets and securities, analyse, choose, and then closely follow the investment. The benefits of investing in investment funds are a professional asset management, the possibility of producing higher yields compared to traditional types of savings, diversification, a transparent breakdown of costs and structure and a large choice of investment funds that meet different needs and investment goals.

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