New! You can now receive all information through a video meeting with an e-banker and arrange a non-purpose cash loan up to EUR 15,000.00 under the terms offered by the Bank without visiting a branch. Via our e-branch, you can also submit an application for a loan up to EUR 40,000.00. If the loan is approved, the prepared contract documents will be waiting for you at the branch of your choice. Once the loan is approved and the documents are certified, the funds will be disbursed into your current account.

Information about the loan, the associated conditions and any additional documents that may be required will be provided to you by the e-banker during the video meeting. To arrange a video meeting, you must have m-zaba and an e-mail address verified within the Bank’s system. You can book an appointment by selecting More / Set up an appointment in m-zaba, or by contacting us via chat, phone or e-mail.

Zaba's e-branch is the first online branch in Croatia. It allows you to communicate directly with a banker regardless of your location via chat, call or video call. E-branch service is free of charge. For e-zaba users it is available as a toolbar in e-zaba, while m-zaba users can use the service by calling 0800 247 247.  

The e-branch service is not intended for minors or foreign individuals.

    Via our e-branch, you can simply and quickly:

    • arrange a non-purpose cash loan up to EUR 15,000.00

    • submit an application for a loan up to EUR 40,000.00

    • arrange non-life insurance,

    • get all information about the products and services offered by the Bank,

    • get advice concerning business operations,

    • execute various changes or transactions without visiting a branch:
    - change the limit on your cards or submit other card-related service requests (PIN delivery, card replacement, and similar)
    - make international payments,
    - make early instalment payments or Mastercard consumer loan payments, etc.,

    • request the closing of the tacitly accepted overdraft limit or the change of the instalment payment limit (closing, arranging a new limit).

  1.  No need to visit a branch
  2.  Possibility to get advice and information as well as execute international payments and certain other transactions without leaving your home
  3.  Longer business hours compared to physical branches
  4.  You are always the first in line, no wait times, crowds
  5.  Available free of charge

Contact our e-bankers and check what other transactions can be performed via e-branch. Our e-bankers are available to you via chat, phone or video call workdays from 8 am to 8 pm, or by phone Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. The e-branch service is not available on Sundays, national and religious holidays.

Additional information and support:
0800 247 247, 01 3789 247

Zagrebačka banka will process the personal data entered in the form below for the purpose of arranging a meeting in one of its branches and will keep them for 30 days. If you are a client of Zagrebačka banka, we suggest that you enter your OIB, so the banker could prepare the best financial offers based on the available data.
Read more in the Information on Personal Data Processing.

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