On the coast or somewhere abroad, a couple of kilometres away, or on a different continent... Every journey is an ideal opportunity to take a break from everyday life, learn new things and make new memories. Feel free to start packing, but before we say farewell, please read our tips.

1. Planning your travel on time
Arranging accommodation or buying tickets well in advance ensure lower prices and a bigger choice. If you already know when you will use your vacation, and if you can choose the destination, check the offer of carriers (weekend ticket sales that allow you to significantly lower the cost of tickets are becoming more and more frequent) and visit the leading websites for booking accommodation (and be sure to read comments and user reviews).
Today almost every place on Earth can be visited in virtual reality, so prepare a list of landmarks and attractions you wish to see. Consult tourist guides.
It will definitely be cheaper to obtain or renew your passport and visa if you do not apply for a priority processing service.
In addition, if you want to have an ace up your sleeve on your travel take your card with you! With the right card, you are unstoppable; purchase with deferred payment or pay in instalments, without interest and fees. If you are a kind of person who makes really long-term plans, perhaps a term deposit is the right product for you!
If it is your child who is travelling, open a Package for the Youth. In that case you can give your child a smaller allowance, and, as necessary, subsequently pay an additional amount via Internet or mobile banking, which the child can withdraw at ATMs in Croatia and abroad.
If you are a kind of person who makes really long-term plans, perhaps a term deposit with multiple payments is the right product for you. The Design Savings allows you to save with regular monthly payments, and upon maturity, in addition to the regular interest, you are rewarded for the regularity of monthly payments with a premium on the interest. By arranging a Design Savings for the period of two years, and with regular monthly payments in the amount of EUR 50, at the end of the savings period you will dispose of the amount of more than EUR 1,210 that you can spend on a travel you will remember for a lifetime. 

2. Last minute planning
You got a last minute chance to travel? If you know where and how you want to travel, and you urgently need cash and a quick access to desired funds, please check our cash loan or apply for one of our cards.
All tips from our previous text are applicable here as well. We would also like to add that it is useful to check the climate conditions and temperatures that await you at the desired destination. 

3. How to be safe during a travel
With our Servis Centar service, you can get treatments abroad in case of health problems on your travel.
Although we recommend that you do not carry all your cards together in your wallet, in practice, people do it all the time.  Before your travel, it would be good to leave all your documents and cards that you do not intend to use on your travel in your apartment (e.g., power of attorney for the account of a family member that is used only in certain situations). If you will need all the cards on your travel, then it is advisable to keep at least one card separate from other cards.
Before your travel, please write down the number 01 3789 789 on a separate piece of paper or enter it in your mobile phone address book, so that it is available to you in case of emergency and you can quickly report the loss or theft of your cards, as well as the number 01 3789 620 for information regarding your cards.
During and after your travel, you can check all costs incurred on your card via Internet or mobile banking and after receiving the Notification of the costs incurred or the statement.

Zagrebačka banka will process the personal data entered in the form below for the purpose of arranging a meeting in one of its branches and will keep them for 30 days. If you are a client of Zagrebačka banka, we suggest that you enter your OIB, so the banker could prepare the best financial offers based on the available data.
Read more in the Information on Personal Data Processing.

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