AZ Profit is a voluntary pension fund appropriate for the members who plan to save longer and who are willing to take on moderate investment risk in order to potentially achieve a higher yield. A longer savings period increases the number of payments and prolongs the capitalization period.
The fund can invest up to 60 % of its assets into bonds, and up to 40 % into stocks, as well as other financial instruments in accordance with the Prospectus.  Due to a moderately conservative investment policy, a higher yield may be achieved, but unit price and value of invested funds may drop during particular periods.

AZ Benefit is a voluntary pension fund appropriate for the members who find security more important than the yield. Generally, they are older persons who will, on average, save during a shorter period. The fund portfolio consists of a larger portion of bonds, which seeks to achieve greater security of the invested funds.
The fund has an extremely conservative investment policy. Under normal market conditions, the fund invests up to 90% of its assets into bonds, and up to 10% into stocks, as well as other financial instruments in accordance with the Prospectus.


  1. Fund yield

By investing fund assets in different financial instruments (stocks, bonds and the like) in capital markets, the Company seeks to achieve a yield which will increase the fund assets, i.e. funds of fund members. Given the purpose of savings, investments of assets of pension funds are characterized by being long-term. Therefore, the fund yield should be analysed over a longer period (e.g. over 15 years, which is estimated to be an average savings period in a fund).

  1. Government incentives

The state pays out government incentives (GI) for invested funds to encourage us to invest in voluntary pension savings with additional 15% added to the value of the funds paid in one calendar year (only in one voluntary pension fund), up to a total of HRK 5000. This means that the amount in the account may be increased using GI, up to HRK 750 annually.

Any member residing in the Republic of Croatia or a member who is a Croatian citizen is entitled to government incentives. Furthermore, members who are not Croatian citizens are also entitled provided that they reside in a country which is an EU Member State or a signatory of the Agreement on the European Economic Area, but are only entitled during a period when their mandatory pension insurance - second pillar contributions are paid in the Republic of Croatia.

  1. Tax relief for employers

Sole proprietors, the self-employed and owners of small or larger family companies do not pay additional tax or contributions for payments made into voluntary pension savings for themselves or their employees up to the amount of HRK 500 a month or HRK 6,000 a year.

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