Our vision is to be One Bank, One UniCredit. We are a simple successful Pan-European Commercial Bank with a fully plugged in CIB, delivering a unique Western, Central and Eastern European network to our extensive client franchise.

In this era of unprecedented change customers are looking for companies they can trust and that can play a tangible positive role in their everyday lives. UniCredit has a simple and successful Pan-European commercial banking model delivering relevant solutions to the real needs and wants of today’s customers.

We are a “bank of substance”, focused on delivering tangible solutions in an efficient and simple way, in order to make a real difference in people’s lives, whether they are an individual, a family, a business or a corporation.

UniCredit’s positioning is - now more than ever - about understanding the challenges and opportunities customers face in real life today and about having the strength and the expertise to offer them meaningful solutions.

Zagrebačka banka

The leading position of Zagrebačka banka in the Croatian banking market is confirmed by the role of the Bank as an advisor and partner in all specific needs and situations of its clients. In daily operations, the Bank is focused on clients, to whom it offers reliable solutions, and works with them in a trusting, open and reliable way. This approach is confirmed by the brand position "the bank for real needs of its clients".

Building the brand through history

Due to the fact that the financial crisis has put the issue of trust to the foreground, in the banking industry reputation has become more important than ever.
A thorough assessment of reputation conducted through intensive listening to stakeholders is an integral part of the way we do business. It allows us to have an actual relationship with stakeholders and a better understanding of their expectations.

Building a solid reputation and a sustainable business requires a clear and comprehensive organisational investment.

Therefore, we systematically investigate and estimate our reputation, where we apply an independent international methodology of the Institute of Reputation, which sees corporate reputation as a function of seven dimensions:performance, products and services, innovation, citizenship, leadership, workplace and governance. Each of these dimensions includes a number of features of reputation that are essential for the stakeholders' perception.

Also, we wanted to measure emotional aspects of our reputation  respect, trust, connection.

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