The power of our brand lies in the security and stability of business and organisation which we continually question and adapt to market requirements, as well as the findings of modern, efficient organisations, and in aligning with UniCredit the European bank we are part of.

Organisational structure of Zagrebačka banka

Zagrebačka banka, as a member of the UniCredit Group, encompasses 10 subsidiaries with which it forms the Zagrebačka banka Group.

The main subsidiaries of Zagrebačka banka are:

  • ZB Invest, the Zagrebačka banka investment fund management company, which holds approximately 33 percent of the market share
  • AZ fond, obligatory pension funds holds approximately 38 percent of total assets of obligatory pension funds, while market share of AZ voluntary pension funds are 49.3 percent of total market of voluntary pension funds.

Members of the Zagrebačka banka Group

Zagrebačka banka subsidiaries:

Legal entity Country of domicil Business
UniCredit Bank d.d. (Mostar) Bosnia and Herzegovina Banking
ZB Invest d.o.o. Croatia Fund management
ZANE d.o.o. Croatia Real estate agency
ZANE BH d.o.o. Bosnia and Herzegovina Real estate agency
ZABA Partner d.o.o. Croatia Insurance broker
UniCredit Leasing Croatia d.o.o. Croatia Leasing
Locat Croatia d.o.o. Croatia Real estate business

Zagrebačka banka associated companies:

Legal entity Country of domicil Business
Allianz ZB d.o.o.
društvo za upravljanje obveznim i dobrovoljnim mirovinskim fondovima
Croatia Obligatory and voluntary pension funds management
MULTIPLUS CARD d.o.o. Croatia Advertising and marketing services