Zagrebačka banka publications

  • Annual reports
  • Macroeconomic analysis and market reviews - daily and weekly market reviews by financial analysts of Zagrebačka banka
  • Sustainability reports of the UniCredit Group which include the social impact of business practices and behaviour of numerous key participants of Zagrebačka banka.

Special publications

  • Bank monograph - on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the City Savings Bank, the predecessor of Zagrebačka banka, a monograph was published, with special emphasis on the Bank's work over the past 25 years
  • Finances For Beginners - educational publication for young people about managing their own finances and opportunities which are provided by Zagrebačka banka
  • UniCredit in Central & Eastern Europe and Croatia - our corporate brochure includes a brief overview of UniCredit business, highlighting Central and Eastern Europe, and Croatia.

Internal publications

Healthy Cookbook - created by the employees of Zagrebačka banka in celebration of World Health Day in 2010

UniCredit Group publications

  • Integrated Report - report on the financial indicators and indicators of sustainable development that focuses on business strategy and development of UniCredit
  • East Global Geopolitics - a bi-monthly magazine specializing in economics, politics and international culture
  • Uninews - UniCredit portal which provides an overview of selected news on various topics (information, articles, comments and reviews of the development of UniCredit) 

UniCredit Group publications

CIB Global homepage - an overview of UniCredit’s worldwide presence, summaries of corporate and investment banking core product lines and services as well as useful contacts

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