Socially responsible business practices have been included in general business policy of Zagrebačka banka for years. We can therefore rightfully say that Zagrebačka banka is one of the pioneer companies in the field of social responsibility in Croatia and a good example to other economic entities.

In the process of promoting this business concept, the guidelines applied at Zagrebačka banka are primarily moral and ethical in nature and are reflected in the solidarity and a socially responsible approach to problems affecting the community.

An important part of the Bank s social responsibility is also its caring relationship with its employees because satisfaction and motivation for work as a basis for success of every company arise from it. Professionalism, development and quality improvement in providing services are unthinkable without the investment in education of employees, their personal and professional development and the creation of a positive atmosphere in their working area.

This has resulted in a responsible relationship with customers, which manifests itself in the customer care and the provision of correct information on the quality of the services of Zagrebačka banka.

In the field of community care, the Bank has been recognized as one of the leading partners in the civil sector, one of the biggest donators (it has introduced the Competition for giving donations as the first example of a transparent donation giving in the Republic of Croatia) and one of the greatest patrons of culture.

In the last few years Zagrebačka banka received numerous awards and acknowledgements for its socially responsible business practices, and in July 2008 it received the last award for the best corporate donation from the association.

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