Business areas in Zagrebačka banka

Look at our fields and choose where you will enjoy working!


Working with clients

If you think of yourself as communicative person and you like to work with people more than working with machines this is the right place for you!

Our bankers help clients solve their complex financial situation, whether it is the purchase of a home appliance, a new house or the appreciation of finances.

Our private bankers manage finances for the wealthiest clients. They help them value their finances in the currency and capital markets, investing in the arts and other interesting investment opportunities.

Our corporate bankers are guides in the world of finance for companies of all sizes. With them, you will be able to look into the secrets of their operation and find the best solutions for them.

Work at headquarters

At our headquarters, experts and specialists from many fields meet and work together on the tasks to #dowhatmatters.

Do you enjoy analysing numbers and preparing reports and recommendations based on them? Then join our team of accounting, reporting or controlling specialists and other experts.

We are a bank and we work with the finances of our clients. That is why it is very important for us to shed light on all possible risks.

Are you able to orientate yourself in various regulations and would you like to monitor their implementation or give advice for improvement? Audit colleagues suggest improvements that help our safe and efficient operation.

Banks today are subject to many regulations and laws, so lawyers at the bank are welcome experts. Thanks to them, we will not get lost in the world of laws.

Due to the number of new laws and regulations, which are constantly increasing, we also have a specialized department that helps us to ensure that our operation is in accordance with all regulations.

Our employees are very important to us. If you want to take care of them together with us, then join our colleagues in education, remuneration, in the service centre or become a partner for business in the field of HR.

Would you like to use your creativity, organizational and communication skills to support the UniCredit Bank brand or do you enjoy coming up with social events? In this department, you can join colleagues in the field of communication, advertising and brand support or event management.

We would be lost without the support of our colleagues in the field of credit administration, logistics, supplier relationship management or project management.

Our clients deserve the best! Quality services and innovative products are our tradition. We were the first bank in our country to launch a floating rate mortgage loan. Come work with us on others.

We are a leading player in the market of corporate clients with a long history and the ability to provide services across Europe. We have a leading position in structured finance and our expert centres and innovative products have received many awards. Join us and create the future with us.

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