Compensation and Benefits

People are Zaba’s most important asset. Our compensation approach is designed to attract, engage and retain the most talented and motivated people through a competitive and balanced rewards package that combines fixed compensation, performance-linked incentives and benefits.

Our Group Remuneration Policy sets the principles for our compensation practices, in line with national and international standards.

The system of employee salaries and remunerations is a balanced ratio of fixed and variable, monetary and non-monetary receipts, each of which specifically affects motivation and retention of employees, and maintains internal justice and the overall compliance of our systems of salaries and remuneration.

The fixed portion of receipts refers to the area of responsibility. It reflects the experience and skills required for a particular position, as well as the demonstrated level of performance and overall quality of contribution to business results.

Variable receipts are awards for accomplishments directly related to short-term, medium-term and long-term performance results, so we could align the shareholders' interests with the interests of managers and employees. The variable part of receipts depends on three levels of performance: individual performance, the performance of the organizational unit and the success of Zagrebačka banka.

We aim to be one of the best places to work. This means offering a range of benefits that help you to achieve work-life balance, while promoting diversity and inclusion.

Benefits are developed to offer the right answer - in terms of health and family needs.

We offer support for employees and their family members both, in personal and professional life, during their career and after retirement. These options can include health benefits, free time, support for maternity and paternity and other family needs, paid leaves, wellbeing programmes.