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Zaba’s greatest value is our people. Our daily choices and perseverance in everything we do help the bank to grow day after day. That is why we want UniCredit and Zaba to become an even better place to work, where respect and understanding form the basis of our mutual relationships. We want to be with you and support you as best as possible in your private and professional life, offer you as many benefits, initiatives and services as possible during times when that matters most to you.

Health comes first

Zaba's healthcare programme offers supplemental and additional healthcare insurance in addition to the basic state-funded healthcare insurance that includes services that concern primary and secondary level of healthcare. Our employees take care of their health with the help of periodic prevention exams which we offer and through which they keep control over their health. Every two years we invite employees to take a physical examination. In order to let our employees focus on their health, we allow them to take the day off to attend the physical examination, as long as scheduling allows it. Seven days off per year for which it is not necessary to provide medical documentation, which includes three consecutive days in case of milder, usually seasonal illnesses caught by employees and/or their family members who need caring.

Support in everything I do - and in big life decisions

Life is made up of beautiful and unpleasant moments. We are there for both to provide support.

Expecting a child? We offer our heartfelt congratulations and reward our employees with 398 eur net on that occasion. Working mums can also access a wide range of benefits through the Program for mums.

Eating healthy can contribute greatly to our health. Our employees receive an additional monthly amount for food and we take care about the quality and variety of food offered in our restaurants. The menus change every week, featuring special vegetarian and vegan options.

We are pleased to offer all our employees the option of joining the AZ ZABA closed voluntary pension fund. There are additional benefits for joining, and you can make your pension better.

Zaba agrees special offers and discounts for employees on its products and services.

I am always there for my loved ones

Imagine you can spend your birthday just like you want, and take a break  from your daily activities and busy schedule. You don’t have to imagine that any more! Zaba gives its employees a day off for the birthdays, so they can do what relaxes and fulfils them with their loved ones.

In September, the new school and kindergarten year starts. Our colleagues  whose child is starting school or kindergarten have a big day ahead of them, and they want to be with their little ones in the new stage of their lives. To be as relaxed as possible, Zaba gives a day off when their child starts school or kindergarten.

We encourage Zaba’s employees to educate themselves further at official educational institutions by granting them up to seven paid days off for preparing and taking their exams.

In my free time I follow my passion

A healthy mind in a healthy brand. Zaba actively encourages the values of sport. That is why we want the passionate promoters of a healthy lifestyle, the fans of sport and exercise, and those who are actively working on the consciousness about their body and mind to join Zaba Šport and partake in sporting activities such as volleyball, basketball, table tennis, football, tennis, skiing, swimming etc.

Admit it, how many times have you said that you don’t have the time to go to the gym or join a fitness programme? Zaba is one of the few companies in Croatia that gave its employees more free time for workouts by opening a gym and a basketball court on the fifth  floor of its business campus at Jankomir. This way, all the physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise are readily available. All you have to do is accept the challenge and become healthy and fit!

We are proud members of the MultiSport programme, which allows our employees, members of Zaba Šport, and those who are yet to join it, to use sport and exercise facilities with lower membership fees.

I found the balance between my professional and private life

In order to provide our employees with better private and professional life balance, some of the teams in Zaba have decided to have flexible  working hours. This means that we can adjust a part of our hours to ourselves, we can decide when we will start and end work, in order to have a better balance between private and personal commitments and deadlines.

Part-time work? Although this kind of practice is rare in Croatia, employees choose this type of employment mostly in order to take care of the youngest or eldest members of their families, education, or some other important reasons. If you find  this type of work acceptable in order to have a balance between your personal and professional commitments you just have to let us know.

First days on the job or the return after a long leave of absence can be stressful, and our enthusiasm can be amplified or brought down, depending on first impressions. Our new employees will be greeted by their buddy on their first day. The buddy will show them their workplace, introduce them to colleagues, and give them a tour of the office. By assigning a buddy to new colleagues, who is there for them in the first couple of months on the job, we ease the transition process and speed up the adjustment to our organizational culture.

Want to hear more? Apply for a job, partake in our selection price and become our employee. We have more to offer.

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