Donate for the right thing, donate a gift from the heart!

Employees of Zagrebačka banka, with the support of the UniCredit Foundation, provided 50,000 EUR in donations to the Croatian Red Cross for the purchase and distribution of food packages for socially disadvantaged citizens and households. Zagrebačka banka donated an additional 132.000 EUR.

The Croatian Red Cross, through a network of 130 local societies, helps more than 10,000 households across the country that are socially disadvantaged. They also regularly help citizens in difficult times and cope with the consequences of natural disasters.

Our donation will enable the preparation and distribution of more than 5,000 food packages with basic food for two weeks for two people, beneficiaries of social welfare and soup kitchens, the elderly and infirm, families with more children and low income, and all others who are socially disadvantaged.

Romeo Collina, the President of the Management Board of Zagrebačka banka said: „Solidarity is one of the greatest values of any community and a virtue of any individual. We are proud of the solidarity you have displayed by participating in this campaign with your own donations. Especially at a time when each of us is facing some sort of a problem. We are glad that together we have shown how we still care for others and want to help those who have it more difficult than we do, those who are invisible to many. Socially disadvantaged fellow citizens are one of the most vulnerable groups and, in this crisis; we must not allow them to be forgotten. Our donation will help those who need help the most, and at the same time it will support the activities of the Croatian Red Cross and acknowledge the efforts and dedication of their employees and thousands of volunteers who selflessly help others.“

We also received a written message from the Executive President of the Red Cross Robert Markt on behalf of his organization: “Thank you to the employees, the UniCredit Foundation and Zagrebačka banka for this very valuable donation. Through our 130 local organizations, we help more than 10,000 socially disadvantaged households in all parts of the country. Unfortunately, the circumstances are such that there will be even more of those who will need our help. You did the right thing by providing this donation, and we will make sure that your gift goes into the right hands. It is hard to describe how grateful these people are for all the help they receive from our volunteers and how much it means to them to know that they are not forgotten and on their own.”

The donation to the Croatian Red Cross is a continuation of Zagrebačka banka's socially responsible business, which donated HRK 170.000 EUR to hospitals in March 2020 for the purchase of equipment to help cover medical expenses, purchase medical equipment and repair earthquake damage.