Ethics and Respect

Our management and senior management are convinced that two values represent what is important for our Group and to all our participants: Ethics and respect.

These values unite us and define our Group culture: they influence our decision-making and our behavior. Together they represent a new, higher level of our connection about integrity.

One simple guiding principle will help you live up to these values on a daily basis: Do the right thing!

Applying those values and principles in everything we do will lead us to become the bank we want to be:

  • "Ethics and respect" guide interactions amongst all colleagues, throughout the Group
  • "Ethics and respect" enshrine the promotion of diversity and work-life balance, key to our Group
  • "Ethics and respect" strengthen our "speak-up culture" and protect against retaliation so that colleagues and third parties feel comfortable engaging in open and honest communication
  • "Ethics and respect" apply to all Group business policies of sustainability and stakeholder interaction, enabling the achievement of sustainable business success and long-term targets
  • "Ethics and respect" mean fairness towards all stakeholders, at all times, to achieve sustainable results