Learning and Development

We are aware of how continuous learning and personal development of employees are important for success. At Zagrebačka banka, we provide all our employees with the opportunity to actively engage in their personal development and career development. We support the personal development of our people through learning programs designed to accompany our employees in each stage of their lifecycle.

We help our employees to fulfill their potential through new skills, thanks to a range of online and classroom courses.

We offer our employees courses in various fields: personal development (presentation skills, communication skills ..), business professional knowledge, IT skills, leadership skills…


Given that we are aware that it is essential for a new employee to start learning as soon as possible, we have developed an onboarding system. From application Easy start that includes many useful information for new employees, simple manuals and instructions to a developed mentoring system, buddy program and structured programmes such as Eduka and EduExperta - when you become our colleague, rest assured that you will receive everything you need for learning.

Our new employees are included in organized programmes for introduction to work:

1. Eduka - for trainees and employees with up to 2 years of previous working experience

2. EduExperta - for employees with more than 2 years of previous working experience

The programmes have been designed in a way which enables participants to learn how the Bank works through interactive workshops and different activities, and also to acquire knowledge and skills which are important for a successful career development. Directors and top-notch experts represent their business areas, and occasional guest speakers at workshops are also clients themselves, who describe their banking experience to the participants. Participants also spend a portion of the time in branches to get familiar with working with clients. Furthermore, an important activity is tam building during which participants get to know each other better and have a good time. In addition to learning how the Bank works, the greatest value of these programs is the introduction of colleagues from other parts of the Bank.


The development of people, especially the development of future managers and experts, is a strategic process which stimulates growth of the Bank and the Group. With quality management of the development of high-potential employees who have high operational performance, i.e. talents, we want to ensure the Bank's and Group's strategic and organizational development and long-term success, and also provide our employees with opportunities to fully develop their potential.

Through a large number of experiential tasks, education and workshops, participants in these programs have the opportunity to get to know themselves and their hidden talents, gain knowledge and skills important for working in an agile environment, meet members of the Board and senior management of Zaba and collaborate with colleagues from various parts of the Bank. During the program, participants learn about future trends in banking, leadership skills, strategic thinking, how to drive innovation, how to effectively present your idea and much more.


We are aware that the key reason for our successful business lies in the quality of our people, especially managers who make strategic and operative decisions which affect high-quality long-term business, and also contribute to a smooth realization of the vision of the Bank and the entire Group every day.

In the Bank we continuously develop new educational programmes for managers which are focused on strengthening the professional ability to cope with business requirements, raising awareness of the role of a leader and understanding what excellence means for that role.

One of the programmes we offer is a programme for new managers whose purpose is to support new managers in acquiring managerial knowledge and skills and help them understand certain areas of the Bank to which they will be intensively exposed by taking on a managerial role.