Programme for mums

Motherhood and pregnancy are one of the most beautiful experiences: through the Programme for Mums we want to ensure even better balance between business and private life. Launched in September 2019, this initiative is targeting our colleagues who are mothers of children under the age of two, pregnant women or those who have difficulties related to pregnancy or conception.

The Programme offers a large number of services such as educational courses, exercises for mothers and pregnant women and specialized massages, with current benefits such as breastfeeding breaks, additional days off and financial support for newborns. Thus, colleagues who apply to the Programme will be able to choose a combination of services in the amount of 133 EUR net.

For now, except in Zagreb where all services from the Program are provided, it is possible to arrange some services in Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Karlovac, Varaždin and in other cities where interest is shown and where adequate service providers exist.

Our goal, as an employer, is to help colleagues who have young children or who will soon become mothers to spend this special period of life relaxed and happy.

In the video, meet the Mama Soon center from Zagreb, the bank's partner in this project, and find out what our colleagues use the most and what their experiences with benefits are.