ZB eplus - a euro-denominated fund, investing primarily into bank deposits, money market instruments and the short-term debt securities of top-tier issuers. The Funds assets value growth is slow but steady, generally without fluctuations in unit value. Mostly used for short-term placement of surplus funds, i.e., as a foreign currency cash management account (foreign currency cash parking account).


  • low risk with regard to a conservative investment strategy, investing into low-risk securities (deposits, treasury bills...)
  • the objective is capital preservation and a continual increase in the value of euro-denominated invested assets. This is realised through interest inflows from deposits and financial instruments into which the Fund invests
  • intended for investors who do not wish to expose their assets to price fluctuations of riskier financial instruments or who, in a shorter period of time, dispose of certain assets and wish to achieve a return with regard to them and related to euro, i.e. in the euro currency clause.


  1. Payments and withdrawals in the currency of the fund
  2. Possibility of a short-term placement of surplus funds
  3. As a rule, the Funds yield is higher than the interest rate on demand
  4. Investment without a high financial burden or start-up capital
  5. A stable yield
  6. A particularly low volatility, high liquidity
  7. Possibility of unit payments and payouts in euros for large amounts, accessibility through flexibility of investment of different amounts, a transparent presentation of investment costs and structure, a simple and quick procedure for unit purchase and sale, an equal treatment of clients irrespective of the length of investment periods and amounts

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