B2G (Business to Government) service is intended for all business entities: large and medium companies, medium and small enterprises and sole proprietors who have a transaction account with the Bank, and it facilitates doing business with the government administration and public services.
With B2G service you have:

  • Annual Financial Statements Registry  the central source of information on the performance of business entities and natural persons who are profit taxpayers.
  • e-REGOS  from 1 January to 31 December 2014 submission of R-Sm forms into the Central Registry of Affiliates (REGOS) was possible only when payment was effected, and the R-Sm Form was not submitted for the period from 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2013 or in the event of a correction of previously submitted R-Sm forms.
  • Web bon  simple and fast downloading of creditworthiness information provided in Croatian, English and German.
  • e-Blockades  access to information contained in the Inquest Register of Payment Bases Order in a simple and fast way and at significantly lower fees.
  • Concessions Registry  a single electronic registry of contracts and the central source of information on all concessions granted on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
  • e-Tax Administration  a set of electronic services provided by the Tax Administration to the taxpayers in the Republic of Croatia.
  • e-Pension Insurance  enables the performance of electronic business operations between the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and its service users.
  • e-Health Insurance  a service provided by the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, enabling business entities (contribution payers) electronic exchange of data about insured persons.
  • e-Customs  the service enables participants in the customs procedure to electronically submit a uniform customs declaration, thus ensuring direct participation of all parties to the customs procedure.

Additional information and assistance:
01 3789 100; 0800 5678

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