Privacy Statement of the Zagrebačka banka website

Zagrebačka banka d.d. (hereinafter: Zagrebačka banka, the Bank) respects your privacy and bases its website on technology that provides a better, safer online experience. This Privacy Statement applies to the website (hereinafter: the website), and governs the collection and use of your personal information, as well as the use of cookies.
By using this website you consent to the methods used for the collection and processing of data described in this Statement, and the storage of and access to cookies on your device.

If you want to change the cookie settings, you can do it here.

Collection and processing of personal information

In order to maintain the functionality of the website and enable services requested by users, Zagrebačka banka can collect and use users' personal information on this website. Through the website, depending on the purpose, personal information such as your name and surname, email address, home or work address, phone number, etc. can be collected.

By entering your personal information in the designated fields, you give consent to use said data for the purpose for which they are provided.

Zagrebačka banka collects information about your computer. This information may include your IP address, type of browser, time of access, and web address.

In addition to this website, Zagrebačka banka also collects information about the client on the basis of questionnaire forms with the consent of the client and for the purposes specified in these forms.

The Bank processes collected information, as well as the information obtained on the basis of providing services to clients and doing business with individual clients, for the purposes for which said is provided, i.e. for the purpose of using websites and providing required services, as well as for providing information on products or services you can use. The Bank can use this information to provide a more efficient customer service, facilitate the use of websites by removing the need for frequent entering of the same information or for customizing websites to your personal preferences and interests.

Zagrebačka banka does not sell, rent or borrow its list of website users to third parties. With a commitment of maintaining confidentiality, the Bank may share such data with trusted partners for a specific purpose: creating statistical analyses, enabling customer support, organising delivery, or similar. All such third parties are prohibited from further processing of your personal information. By doing so, the Bank also informs you that you have the right to access given personal information as well to correct it. You also have the right to revoke you prior consents, in whole or in part, as well as the right to oppose the processing of personal information for the purpose of providing information on products or services.

You can read more about personal data processing by Zagrebačka banka d.d. as a data controller here.

Security of your personal information

The website protects your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Data on computer servers are stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.

Application of cookies

The website uses cookies - text files stored on the computer of a user by the web server used by the user.
These files are created when the browser on the device used by the user loads a web destination that has been visited, and then sends the data to the browser, which in turn creates a text file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the website server (places, sites) when the user revisits it.
Cookies are used to enable the functioning of all website features and for a better user experience. They can be temporary (stored only during the visit to a website), or permanent (that remain on the user's computer even after the visit).
The website uses technical (necessary), performance (optional) and marketing (optional) cookies. Read more about them.

Preventing cookies

If you do not agree to their use, you can prevent them here.
Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our website and its processes, keep in mind that by preventing or deleting cookies you may disable the functioning of those features, or cause them to function and appear differently in your browser.

Terms and modifications

The terms of this Privacy Statement govern the use of cookies and all data collected during the application of the Statement, except for third-party cookies. Zagrebačka banka reserves the right to amend this Statement and the rules about cookies at any time in order to transfer important new information and so you would be informed about the ways in which Zagrebačka banka protects your information on its website. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically check for updates on this page.

Contact information

Zagrebačka banka will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions in connection with this Privacy Statement, as well as other comments. You can contact us at these email addresses: or