Privacy Statement of the Zagrebačka banka d.d. Website

Zagrebačka banka d.d. (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) respects your privacy and bases its website on technologies that provide a better and safer online experience. The Bank uses personal information of users with respect to their fundamental rights and freedoms, placing special emphasis on data confidentiality.

Data controller

The Bank is the data controller in relation to all processing of personal information through the website of Zagrebačka banka with the registered office at Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, Zagreb.

What information do we collect from you?

When using the website, the Bank may collect and process information related to you as an individual, which will enable your identification, directly or together with additional information (“personal information”). This information can only be collected by the Bank when you decide to provide it (e.g. when requesting that the Bank contact you regarding a specific service/product), or by simply analysing your activities on the website.

Your personal information that you voluntarily provide on the website, such as contact information (e.g. your name, surname, OIB, email address, or phone number), depending on the purpose, may be collected.

Why do we process this information? What are the purposes and the legal basis of processing?

The Bank may use your personal information collected through its website for the following purposes:

  • By participating in prize games, i.e. registering online, participants authorise the Bank to collect and process their personal information, most commonly including their: name, surname, address, email address, phone number and age, for the purpose of conducting a prize game, all in accordance with the rules of the prize game. Your consent is the legal basis for such information processing. By entering your personal information into the designated fields, you give your consent for using the provided information for the purpose for which it is provided.
  • The information is collected and processed in order to provide requested answers or services so that the Bank can contact you when necessary and respond to your requests and inquiries. No consent is required for this processing since such processing is necessary for providing requested services.
  • The Bank also collects and processes information in order to provide you with information and ads relevant to you and your interests, and so we could propose customised offers which you may find interesting, and to provide you with information about other websites/services which the Bank considers may interest you. You can read more about cookies here. Processing for these purposes is based on your consent obtained through cookies. You are not obligated to give the Bank your consent to use your personal information for this purpose and there will be no consequences for you if you refuse to give consent. Also, any consents which you give can later be withdrawn by changing the settings at the following link.

The Bank processes collected information, as well as the information obtained on the basis of providing services to clients and doing business with individual clients, for the purposes for which said is provided, i.e. for the purpose of using websites and providing required services, as well as for providing information on products or services you can use. The Bank can use this information to provide a more efficient customer service.

Search data

Website operation, which is standard for each website on the Internet, includes the use of computer systems and software processes that collect website user information as part of their normal operating mode, and the transfer of such information is performed automatically when using Internet communication protocols. Zagrebačka banka collects information on the computer you are using to access our website through cookies and other technologies that enable this kind of tracking. This information may include your IP address, browser type, access time and website addresses, location (country), information about your activities on our website (for example, the pages you visit, the products you are browsing).

The Bank will use this information solely for anonymous statistical information purposes on how you use our website and will not associate them with information identifying individual users to ensure the correct operation of the website and to identify errors and/or misuse of the website.

Who can access your personal information?

Zagrebačka banka does not sell, rent or borrow its list of website users to third parties. With a commitment of maintaining confidentiality, the Bank may share such data with trusted partners for a specific purpose: statistical analyses, enabling customer support, organising delivery, and the like. All such third parties are prohibited from further processing of your personal information.

Personal information is not transferred outside the territory of the European Union.

What are your rights? How can you exercise your rights?

The Bank hereby also informs you that you have the right to access given personal information, as well as to correct it. You also have the right to revoke you prior consents, in whole or in part, as well as the right to oppose the processing of personal information for the purpose of providing information on products or services.

You can read more about personal information processing by the Bank as a data controller here.

Safety of your personal information

The website protects your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Information on computer servers is stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, misuse or disclosure.

Retention of personal information

  • The Bank retains your personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of a particular purpose. However, the information will be retained longer if we have to deal with any complaints about the provided services or if we have to protect the interests of the Bank in connection with potential liabilities associated with providing services.
  • Personal information of prize game participants will be stored only for as long as it is necessary to conduct a prize game, and information on prize winners will be kept for another 11 years in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Accounting Act.
  • The contact information you provided in the online form in order for us to provide requested answers or services will be stored for 30 days.

After these periods, all information will be deleted and anonymized, except for the information that the Bank is required to retain for a longer period under legal regulations.

Terms and modifications

This Privacy Policy came into force on 14 May 2019.

The terms of this Privacy Statement regulate the use of cookies and all data collected during the application of the Statement, except for third-party cookies. Zagrebačka banka reserves the right to amend this Statement and the rules about cookies at any time in order to transfer important new information and so you would be informed about the ways in which Zagrebačka banka protects your information on its website. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically check for updates on this page.

Contact information

Zagrebačka banka will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions in connection with this Privacy Statement. You can contact us at these email addresses:, or

Postavke kolačića

Tehnički kolačići (neophodni)

Performansni kolačići (neobavezni)

Marketinški kolačići (neobavezni)

Tehnički kolačićiUvijek aktivni

Ovi kolačići su neophodni za funkcioniranje web stranice i ne mogu se isključiti u našem sustavu. Obično se postavljaju samo kao reakcija na vašu radnju koja predstavlja zahtjev za uslugom, kao što je postavljanje vaših postavki privatnosti, prijavljivanje ili popunjavanje obrazaca.

Kolačići koji se koriste:

JSESSIONID - čuva stanje sesija kroz zahtjeve za stranicama

PD_STATEFUL - kolačići sigurnosti sesije Server session security cookies

PD_SESSION-ID - jdinstveni Unique server session security cookie

PWSESSIONID – kolačić sesije poslužitelja

Parent_alive - kolačić sesije poslužitelja

Gtm_tracking - čuva korisnikov pristanak na praćenje

Option_set – čuva vrijednost za pokazivanje cookie bara

Zaba_performance- čuva posjetiteljev pristanak za bolje performance

Performansni kolačići

Ovi kolačići omogućuju nam da računamo posjete i izvore prometa, kako bismo mogli izmjeriti i poboljšati performanse naših stranica. Oni nam pomažu da znamo koje su podstranice najpopularnije ili najmanje posjećene, te kako se posjetitelji ponašaju po web stranici. Sve informacije koje ovi kolačići prikupljaju su agregirani a time i anonimizirani. Ako spriječite te kolačiće, nećemo znati kada ste posjetili našu web stranicu.

Kolačići koji se koriste:

ZABGN - postavke naslovnice ovisno o tome je li korisnik građanin ili pravna osoba

ZABRM - kolačić s vrijednošću korisnikovog web preglednika zbog boljih performansi

Marketinški kolačići

Ovi kolačići služe kao pomoć pri tumačenju internetskih aktivnosti korisnika te u svrhu marketinških aktivnosti, poput oglašavanja i remarketinga.

Kolačići koji se koriste:

1P_JAR - prikuplja statistiku web stranice i prati stopu konverzije

CONSENT - postavke kolačića -

DV - Google ad personalizacija -

NID - Google ad personalizacija -

IDE- Koristi se za prepoznavanje preglednika za oglašavanje i praćenje izvedbe i postavki. DoubleClick

ga - Google Universal Analytics postavlja jedinstveni ID koji se koristi za izračunavanje podataka za analitička izvješća

gid - koristi se za razlikovanje korisnika jednog od drugog.

Anj - Anj kolačić sadrži podatke koji označavaju da li se ID kolačića sinkronizira s našim partnerima. ID sinkronizacija omogućuje našim partnerima korištenje svojih podataka izvan platforme na platformi.

uuid2 - Ovaj kolačić sadrži jedinstvenu, slučajno generiranu vrijednost koja Platformu omogućuje razlikovanje preglednika i uređaja.

Sess - Kolačić sesije sadrži jednu ne-jedinstvenu vrijednost: "1". Platforma se koristi za testiranje je li preglednik konfiguriran za prihvaćanje kolačića iz aplikacije AppNexus.

Icu - Kolačić se koristi za odabir oglasa i ograničavanje broja prikaza određenog oglasa. Sadrži informacije poput broja prikaza oglasa, nedavnog prikazivanja oglasa ili broja prikazanih oglasa

Uid - jedinstveni identifikator

cid - Cookie id (legacy) – jedinstveni identifikator

Facebook - prati konverzije FB oglasa, optimizira oglase, gradi ciljanu publiku i radi remarketing

HotJar - prikuplja informacija o ponašanju korisnika i njihovim uređajima