Google Pay™

Zaba Mastercard and Visa cards are ready for contactless payments with your smartphone. Unlock the screen, tap your phone against the payment terminal and voilà... you're payment is made!

Google Pay is a fast and simple way to pay used at millions of locations – in stores and various mobile applications. It has everything you need to make a payment and it protects your payment data with multiple layers of security.


Lighter than a wallet. Faster than a card.

A faster and simpler way to pay than with a physical card.



No fees.

Used for everyday payments.

Includes the cost management option.

All you need is:

• an Android mobile device running Lollipop 5.0+ or higher that supports the NFC technology
with unmodified Android OS, and
• an active personal card for which the Bank has approved the use of this service.

Use your m-zaba to add a card into Google Wallet:

• Enter CARDS section.
• Below selected card press "Add to G Pay" and follow instructions on your screen.

Forget your wallet. Make contactless payments with your mobile phone!

The Google Pay service can be used:
• in all stores that accept single transaction contactless payments,   
• in various mobile applications that support such payment method.   

You don't even need to open Google Pay to make a payment. All you need to do is unlock the screen of your mobile phone and hold the phone against the payment terminal inside the store until you see a check mark.

Physical card is still required for installment payments.

The list of cards that may be used in the Google Pay digital wallet:
• Visa debit card issued for current account in euro,
• Standard Mastercard credit card,
• Gold Mastercard credit card,
• Platinum Mastercard credit card,
• go!card Mastercard credit card,
• Visa debit card issued for a gyro account in euro,
• Visa debit card issued for a multi-currency account.

For the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Zagrebačka banka click here.

™Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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