Instant payment

Zagrebačka banka offers the option to make instant payment using its digital channels.



What does this mean for you?

You no longer have to wait because instant payments to recipients in other banks are processed in just a few seconds at any time of day, every day including weekends and holidays.


  • An instant payment order can only be created via the Bank's digital channels, via online banking using the mobile app (m-zaba) and internet (e-zaba).
  • The payment orders are created using existing order forms, by selecting the Instant option.
  • Instant payment orders can be created and received by all individual clients and business subjects that have a transaction account.
  • Instant payments can only be made to clients' transaction accounts (clients' IBAN), which means that they are not available for making payments to savings accounts, credit parties and other parties that do not have an IBAN account.
  • Instant payments are possible within Croatia, and the payment currency can only be HRK, which means that domestic payments in foreign currency are not possible.
  • Maximum payment sum is HRK 100,000.
  • When filling out the instant payment order, the rules (for example, regarding the payment reference number) are the same as with standard payment orders.
  • Instant payment order fees are charged in accordance with bank's rates.
  • Payments can only be made between banks participating in this payment scheme*.

*List of participating banks can be found at FINE.