Virtual walk

through branches of Zagrebačka banka

Take a walk through our branches in Vlaška in Zagreb, Poreč, or Zlatar and find out what to expect when visiting us!

Zagrebačka banka has newly designed branches, characterised by open spaces, integration of the 24/7 zone with the branch, and a visual separation of the fast transaction zone from the advisory zone. We primarily focused on our clients' needs, so the design of the branches has been modified to improve customer experience. We approach every client individually, which makes banking faster and more efficient.

The renovated branches have free Wi-Fi, music and the Digital Signage system. In addition to its fresh new look, Digital Signage has new functionalities. Besides an improved overview of numbers issued at the queue machine, it now broadcasts promo videos tailored to that platform, as well as short written promo messages. It also includes information on the time and date, as well as temperature and weather depending on the branch location. We worked hard to reduce queueing in our branches, and this time is now more enjoyable thanks to the synergy of Digital Signage, Wi-Fi and music.

The branches are also adjusted to meet the needs of the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and tactile floor strips for the visually impaired, as well as a communicator for the hearing impaired.

Since we value your feedback so much, all clients are asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey when leaving the branch. Based on its results, we can change our processes and the way we work to provide the best service possible.

Take a virtual walk through our renovated branches in Zagreb (Vlaška), Poreč or Zlatar, from the comfort of your own home. Explore every corner of our branches before visiting them in real life.

Our Vlaška branch was renovated in June 2018. It is a modern and functional space, and it also has a new section intended for exhibitions by Croatian artists. The branch in Vlaška ulica 106 was opened in 1971. It was named the Goldsmith's Treasure to commemorate the work of August Šenoa, a writer from Zagreb. Older residents of Zagreb still call it by that name. It may be the most famous branch of Zagrebačka banka, and with over 700 square meters it is certainly among the largest ones.

The branch is characterised by modern design and open spaces. The fast transaction zone and the advisory zone are visually separated, and there is also a children's Pčelica corner. Right next to the branch, with a separate entrance, you can find the 24/7 zone where you can effect transactions at any time, using two ATMs for withdrawal and two ATMs for both withdrawal and deposits.

Our branch in Poreč was also renovated in June. This branch is also characterised by modern design. Its 24/7 zone was integrated with the branch, while a pneumatic tube system was also implemented along with safe deposit boxes. The branch was adjusted to meet the needs of people with impaired mobility and vision.

The first Zaba branch in Poreč, which was also the first one in Istria, opened in 1969. It is located on the promenade, at the address Obala maršala Tita 8b, which is one of the best locations in the town.

The Zlatar branch was renovated in July 2018. Its address is Gajeva ulica 7. Zagrebačka banka has had branches in Zlatar since 1990. This branch was also adjusted to meet the needs of people with impaired mobility and vision.

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