Housing loans

Today I build my tomorrow

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Fixed interest


Loan amount


Repayment period



Type of interest rate
Effective interest rate %
Total repayment amount

The presented calculation is informative non-binding for the bank. The exact calculation can be obtained in the branch office.

A housing loan is the solution for your new home - whether you are buying an apartment, building a house or renovating the real estate

Who can contract a HOUSING loan?

Citizens residing in the Republic of Croatia or the EU who:

  • are creditworthy
  • properly settle their obligations.

How to get a HOUSING loan?

  1. Check the terms of the loan with the selected type, amount and repayment period and schedule a video meeting or a meeting in the branch office.
  1. You will get the confirmation of the meeting date by e-mail, and in the meantime you should collect the necessary documentation for loan processing
  1. After submitting the application, the Bank approves the loan if all the necessary conditions are met.
  2. After submitting the certified agreement and notarial statements, contracting mandatory insurance policies and registering a lien on the real estate in favor of the Bank, the conditions for loan disbursement have been met.

A more favourable interest rate and no cost of real estate valuation until the end of June 2024 for a green loan (A and A+ energy class), a housing loan for young people up to 45 years of age, housing loan with life insurance credit protection and loans in projects under construction with deferred disbursement of the loan

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