Generali osiguranje credit protection insurance for cash loans

As we all know, many beautiful things may happen, but sometimes life may surprise us with unexpected complications.

In case you are thinking of arranging a cash loan, now is the right time to ask yourself how you will repay it in case of an unexpected event, such as losing your job, inability to work or even worse.

Regardless of the unpleasant turn of events, Generali osiguranje loan repayment insurance will make sure your story has a happy ending since it will repay the loan on behalf of the borrower. So in case of a difficult chapter in your life, you and your loved ones can turn a new page.

By arranging loan repayment insurance, you can rest assured that your loan will be repaid in the event of unpredictable life situations. Cash loan repayment insurance is the result of cooperation between Zagrebačka banka and Generali osiguranje.

With cash loan repayment insurance, you will be insured in the event of:

  • temporary incapacity for work (sick leave longer than 45 days)
  • termination of employment (due to business reasons)
  • death as a result of an accident or illness

In case of termination of employment or longer sick leave, the insurance company will repay the due loan installments in a certain period, and in case of death the insurer will repay the remaining loan debt, in accordance with the loan repayment plan.


  1. Financial security for your family maintaining your standard of living even in the least favourable situations in life
  2. Quick and simple arrangement
  3. Coverage of monthly instalments/annuities during medical treatment or when looking for a new job
  4. Payment of damages, regardless of the existence of other policies

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