The Package for the Youth may be arranged/activated by any person under the age of 29.
The Package for the Youth can be arranged by signing the Transaction service agreement (unless it is being arranged on behalf of a minor lacking legal capacity).

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The Package contains:

  • current account in EUR with debit card
  • giro account in EUR with debit card
  • on-line banking: m-zaba and e-zaba
  • availability of a banker through e-branch
  • cash withdrawal abroad using debit cards on ATMs of banks which are members of the UniCredit Group from current accounts in EUR and giro accounts in EUR free of charge (find them via m-zaba)
  • education loans with no application processing fee

Additional information:


  1. A debit card enables you an easy and quick access to funds in your account, 24/7, at all points of sale and withdrawal in Croatia and abroad, as well as online
  2. Use debit cards for cash withdrawal abroad on ATMs of banks which are members of the UniCredit Group free of charge
  3. Scholarship payment on your giro account
  4. Use your online banking (m-zaba) to pay in no time, buy prepaid vouchers for mobile phones, transfer money to your friends' accounts and find the closest ATM
  5. Use your e-branch to get advice, change bill payment date and change your addres

Zagrebačka banka will process the personal data entered in the form below for the purpose of arranging a meeting in one of its branches and will keep them for 30 days. If you are a client of Zagrebačka banka, we suggest that you enter your OIB, so the banker could prepare the best financial offers based on the available data.
Read more in the Information on Personal Data Processing.

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